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Shellby Jan 7 '15

Quote from Deanna Thanks Shelby for the neat place!  I'm Deanna--and I digi-scrap.  I've been married for 50 years, have 4 grown and married children, and 18 grandchildren.  The 18 grandchildren are the subjects of most of my layouts!!  We also have two dogs--one just happened by recently.  Our little dog is a King Charles spaniel mix, and our bigger dog is a male cocker spaniel--Molly the little dog is 15 years old, and Henry, the bigger dog, is older also, but we don't know how old he is.. 

Hello Deanna! Welcome! Wow 50 years and 18 grands! That's a lot of scrap subjects! Can't wait to see all of them in your layouts!
Shellby Jan 7 '15

Quote from Kimber Marie I first discovered digiscrapping while searching for free clipart for card making. It took awhile for me to actually dip my toes into the water but once I did back in 2010 I didn't do much until suddenly it all came together for me in the beginning of 2011 and I haven't looked back since. I still enjoy my paper crafts. I can't see myself ever giving it up as I love the feel of all my bits and pieces. I am a SAHM to one and a recent widow. Losing my husband a few weeks ago has put a damper on my scrapping but soon my main man will be willing to have photos taken again plus we have three furbabies who don't mind the camera every now and then.
I am so sorry for your loss! I hope scrapping will be a great release for you! Welcome to the community!
Shellby Jan 7 '15

Quote from dagi hi! I am Dagi :). have been digi scrpraping since 2008 and I have also recently started designing templates under the name Dagi's Temp-tations. good luck with your new adventure, Shellby! I am happy to be a part of it :)

Welcome Dagi! Thanks for joining! Your templates are awesome!
Shellby Jan 7 '15

Quote from Melanie Uhlemann Hi all together, I am Melly! 40-years-old mom of three (20/16/14), married with the best hubby alive and leader of a little crowd of pets.
I love it to - - - oh oh, long list: photograph, scrap, read, cook, bake, playing darts, having long walks with my dogs, cuddling my cats, beeing crazy ...and and and

Happy of this new place, so a big big HURRAYYYYY on Shellby!

Let´s have fun all together,

Thanks Melly! Love your scraps! Can't wait to see more!
Shellby Jan 7 '15

Quote from Ricki Ohana Hi girls! I am Ricki and am happy to be here :)
I'm 55 years old and we have nine darling grand-kids. Plus two four legged 'babies' :). My passion for digi scrapping has been going strong for ten years and I love every minute.
Thank you Shellby, looking forward to a fun time!
Hi Ricki! Thanks for joining! I can't wait to see your layouts! I hope you enjoy the community!
Shellby Jan 7 '15

Quote from StephanieH Hey everyone. I'm Stephanie and I've been digi scrapping since May 2013 (so not very long at all). I have an awesome hubby who cooks for me (I hate to cook) and two awesome kids. Danielle (21) and Matthew (18). Both of them are in college now, so we have an empty nest of sorts. We have two spoiled rotten furbabies that make it into my layouts sometimes. 

Thanks for Shellby for starting this and filling a need in the community.

Hey Stephanie! You have been in just as long as me! Glad you picked up the passion for digi scrapping too!
Shellby Jan 7 '15

Quote from Lins Hi

My name is Lindsay, Lins for short. I am from south africa and married and no children but I have a whole bunch of furbabies.I'm also a designer at mymemories 

Welcome! I have a very good friend from South Africa! I love hearing the stories she tells about growing up there! Glad to have you!
Shellby Jan 7 '15

Quote from msbrad Hi all- Michelle here. I've worn many different hats in the 10 years I've been around digi and love to scrap and share my LO's.

All the best of luck Shelby with your new site.
Welcome Michi! Glad to have you! Can't wait to see more of your layouts!
Shellby Jan 7 '15

Quote from Murmer Hi! I am Amber.  I have been scrapping for about 3 years and I really love to do it when I have time around being the mama to 2 adorable babies (can I call a 7 year old and 5 year old babies still).  I also love to read and we are crazy Disney people who go lots and lots.
Glad to have another Disney lover! I am moving back to Florida in a couple months and can't wait to get an annual pass! I have missed living so close!
Shellby Jan 7 '15

Quote from IvoryKeys Hi!  I'm Susan and I have been digiscrapping since 2007 (I think).  My husband and I have 3 children (14, 10, 6) and are both teachers and 3 cats.  I'm glad to see a new site!  Thanks for doing this, Shelby!
Hello Susan! Glad to see you here! I am a former high school history teacher and fellow cat lover! I hope you enjoy the community!
Shellby Jan 7 '15

Quote from Lori Dean Gaudreau Hey everyone! Lori here (lorigaud is the username I go by pretty much everywhere). I have digiscrapped for a number of years, although I took a couple of years off in the middle. I have 3 teenage boys and a black lab that live with me. :) 

So excited for your new digi adventure, Shellby! 

Welcome Lori! Thanks for being here! Your house must be pretty exciting! Boys definitely keep the energy up!
Shellby Jan 7 '15

Quote from AnikA Hi, I´m Astrid but AnikA in the digiworld,  digiscrapper since 2008 and totaly addicted. I ´m from Germany, married and have 2 kids (18 and 15).
Great to have a new open community, can´t wait to get to know you all a little better.

Hello Astrid! Glad you found us! I am loving your layouts so far!
Shellby Jan 7 '15

Quote from Alta Hello: I have been a scrapper for a few years, love makeing layouts and siggies. I have 4 children and 5 grandchildren who I love to spoil :) Looking forward to getting to know some of you, and learn a few things along the way.... Have a great day! :)

Welcome Alta! Thanks for joining! Can't wait to see lots of layouts and siggies from you!
Shellby Jan 7 '15

Quote from scrappycath Hi! iIve been a crafter for many years. Mostly a paper scrapper/crafter, I slowly became a hybrid artist. I dabble in digi scrapping too.  I don't do nearly enough scrapping!  I have so many photos and no time to get to them.  Some day!  Glad to be hear and meet all of you!

Hi Cath! I loved the card you posted! You will have to teach me some tricks to get my craft cutter to like me! I hope you find more time to scrap!
BiankaS Jan 7 '15

hi i am Bianka I'm from the south of Germany, I am 50 years young and married for 28 years. My biggest hobby are my two Havanese. I photografiere like and love scrapbooking. With Scrapbooking I started 4 years ago and it's like a Virus.

I apologize for my English because I translate everything with Goggle

Big Hugs Bianka

Jan Jan 7 '15
Hello everyone! Thank you Shellby for building an open forum and gallery for all of us digi-scrappers. It was a definite need! I'm happy to see so many familiar faces here.

I'm Jan from Alberta, Canada. I wear a lot of different hats - wife, mother to 3 adults, nana to one sweet little boy, registered nurse, social media moderator, amateur photographer, gardener, jeweler, scrapper and a few even I can't remember. In my mumblemumblemumble years on this Earth, I've been a lot of places and done a lot of things. Some of those exploits find their way onto my layouts and some never will! 

I've just come back from a short vacation and am way behind on my scrapping but I'll get caught up and will build my gallery here as soon as I can. Hopefully before I have to go back to work...

BrightEyes Jan 7 '15

Hi, gals.  Wow... what a delightful forum.  So welcome and friendly.  See a lot of familiar faces and names.

I have been digi-scrapping for over 5 years now.  Was a paper scrapper for many years before that.  I started out with PrintShop - then graduated to PSE10.  Went to PSE11  then jumped to PSE13 last month.

My DH and I have been  married for 59 years... with the big 60t coming in April.  We have 5 grown children (all married), mostly grown grandchildren and now have great-grands (5 & 3).  I scrap a lot with the great-grands photos as their parents are great at taking lots of photos.  Am also working on getting photos from our travels scanned into the computer and making pages with them.   

I was a SAH mom for many years.  My DH was in the Navy for 20 years then worked with the Navy as a Technical Representative for an areo-space company for 19 more years.  His career took us to live in several states and we spent 3 years living in Cairo, Egypt.  We did a lot of overseas traveling during that time.  He retired 15 years ago and we finally moved back to our home state of New Mexico 12 years ago. 

I have worked on several designers CTs and a few forum CTs.  I still am an active CT member on some.   We had my mom living with us last year until she died so had to cut back on a few commitments then.  Also was dealing with another computer crash last November which side-tracked some of my scrapping.  Now that I am finally back up from that, I hope to be scrapping more.  

Gail Jan 7 '15
Hi everyone!  I'm Gail from South Florida.  I am a wife (to a great and supportive guy), a mother to two beautiful grown daughters, a gram to one awesome 15 year old grandson, and a mum to a sweet, smart, lovable Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  I have been digi-scrapping for a little over three years, but paper scrapping for about 15.  I love my family, my friends, Disney, the beach, and going out to eat.  You will see all of these subjects in my layouts.

It's really great to see some familiar names here!

Thanks Shelby for this awesome forum - way to go, girl!!!

Janeal Rollins Kelemen
Hello, I am Janeal.  I live in CA.   I have been digi-scrapping since 2005.  Wow, that is a long time.  I took a year or so off due to the fact that life gets hectic sometimes with 7 boys (ages 5-18).  Now I am back and raring to go!  I recognize a lot of the names/faces from around the web.  I am excited to be a part of this group.  I look forward to getting to know you gals.
susielatte Jan 8 '15
Hi everyone, I am Sue (susielatte) and I live in Queensland, Australia.  So nice to find a place with open forum and gallery.  Seems like a very friendly place to belong.

I have been digi scrapping for a few years now, although for most of 2014, I didn't do much at all as my husband was very ill and I needed to care for him.  All is good now though!

We have been married 37 years and have two children.  Our daughter has blessed us with 2 gorgeous grandsons.  Our son is yet to get married but that is happening in June this year.  So we are off to South Africa for his wedding.  So excited!

I love to travel, especially enjoy cruising.

I look forward to getting to know you all and sharing my layouts with you.

Thanks for having me.

~~ Sue ~~

CT for Lisa Rosa Designs

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