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Shellby Jan 7 '15
What are your favorite challenges to participate in? Do you only participate if their is a prize involved or do you like to do them for inspiration and a chance to show off your skills?
BrightEyes Jan 8 '15
I enjoy most challenges.  A prize is nice but not essential - I really enjoy doing them for inspiration and stretching my boundaries [and to use some of the unused kits that I have].    Some of my favorites are Quotes, making your own wordart, themes based on a word [like magic, special, imagination], recipe, fonts, cluster [with list of elements for cluster],  and scraplift.  Techniques are fun [like using blended photos or actions on photos]. 
tanni Jan 8 '15
I like desktop challenges.  Without the challenge I never get around to changing mine and I think right now my desktop (with calendar) is about 4 months old.
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Janeal Rollins Kelemen
I love all kinds of challenges, but mainly quickpage challenges and recipes are my most favorite!  Of course, font challenges, color challenges, template challenges, anything and everything.  This truly is what helps me with inspiration.

AnikA Jan 11 '15
I like all kind of challenges which gives me a lot of  "freedom". Not to strikt rules like only 5 flowers , 1 frame and so on.
I like theme challenges, Foto edit challenges , and challenges about techniques, like blending, mask and so on
poki Jan 13 '15
I am a template "hoarder" ... so I'm always attracted to the template challenges everywhere!  I also like the photo mask challenge at one of the sites I visit regularly!  
suzikatz Jan 15 '15
I really like template challenges as, like poki, I too am a template hoarder :)
Sarah Jan 17 '15
i like challanges. i like template, scraplift, font, desktop...

FLScrapAngel Jan 18 '15
I enjoy most of them but my favorites are progressive, template, wordart, mask, scraplift, artsy, and those that give you a mini kit.  I also like the exchanges - QP, WA, photo and template mainly.
Sheri Catherine
Sheri Catherine Feb 26 '16
Progressive challenges can be a lot of fun. Other challenges I really enjoy are template, word art, mask, scraplift, inspiration, recipe, use it all, and speed scraps.
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