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Shellby Jan 3 '15
Everyone does something to almost every layout they create. It's their signature! I have two, one I use in nearly every layout and one I use as much as I can.
The first technique I use is GLITTER! I love it! I love to make pages shine and sparkle! Plus the joys of glitter in the Digi Scrap world is it doesn't get everywhere in the house!
My second signature is purple. I love purple kits, elements, glitter, everything! I love being able to use the color every chance I get! I don't get to use purple enough though! My main scrap subject is my son and there's not a lot of purple boy themed kits out there, but I still try to incorporate my signature color every chance I get!
(You might have noticed my love of both of these things with the style of the site)
Alta Jan 5 '15
I use a lot of family and friends pictures in my layouts. In my signatures I like them smaller in size, and my favorite colors to use are greens and purples, also my favorite signatures are my coffee themed ones.... I don't care for the color pink.... LOL so many love pink... but not this lady... LOL
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Debora de Krom
Debora de Krom Jan 6 '15
The pics of my twinboys are definately my signature...
I also love white space... but will work with more if that's fits better.
I love to participate in challenges and still working on my skils.
AnikA Jan 6 '15
You know my layouts because of my shadows, that´s my sign. As I mostly scrap for CT I can´t choose the colors of a kit, but I love purple. And I love masks and white space.
BrightEyes Jan 7 '15

My signature feature is clusters.... I love clusters.  The clusters can be made with flowers/leaves, elements, and/or a mixture of both or just elements without the flowers.    And my second is shadows.  I like the depth that shadows give to a page.  I remember the first digi-page I saw with shadows and was blown away as it looked like you could put your hand around a flower and smell it.  I have never forgotten that moment - and have tried to learn more about shadows and how to use them.

Melanie Uhlemann
Melanie Uhlemann Jan 8 '15
OMG, I think I have no real signature - but maybe: I always try new things, love it to play with shadows, sometimes clustering and than white space. No page is like the other.

Ah...by writing, yes a little signature is there: I love to do doublepagers...
Janeal Rollins Kelemen
After reading everyone's responses I guess mine are #1-fonts, I have to have a nice font, especially in the title.  #2 - shadows.  I hate my pages without shadows.  Not too deep though.  #3 - clusters somewhere on the page.  I have to cluster!  It is just me!  I wish I could say purple being it is my favorite color but like you I have BOYS!  and lots of them!  It is hard to do pink or purple with boys.
Carola Jan 8 '15
Gotta say worn paper backgrounds or a large faded picture behind a few elements. One of the two is on each page!
msbrad Jan 9 '15
I'm all over the place. Not sure I have one. It just depends on the page style.

Kathy Jan 14 '15
Since I only have about 50 completed LO (newbie to digi) my sigi is large pix...I want to see the event that I scrapped...lol