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Shellby Jan 9 '15
Yes, I admit it! I am a nerd! I geek out on the greatness of Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, any Disney movies, and so on! The hubby and I are making sure our son has tons of marvel, batman, star wars and Superman apparel.
What's your favorite geeky/nerdy thing?
Janeal Rollins Kelemen
Okay, I am not a nerd but I do love all those things that you have mentioned.  My worst "geeky" thing that I am obsessed about is Doctor Who.  I have passed this obsession onto my youngest two and it is funny.  In fact, I just found a place that does these special t-shirts with Doctor Who on it.  I am a science fiction buff and super hero buff like you Shellby.  I went through spurts of each of those fun things with each of my boys and it definitely is fun to be involved in them with the kids. 
Shellby Jan 11 '15
My husband heard I loved Star Wars so he wore his star wars shirt on our first date. Now we enjoy all the fun movies and can't wait till the toddler is a little older so he can discover them as well.
Kathy Jan 14 '15
If Loving all things Disney than I am definitely a nerd! :)  But I also love most things computer...I love writing HTML, playing with photoshop (I use cs6) and AI...can't seem to get enough info and practice ... yep I'm a nerd :)