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Shellby Jan 3 '15
The Rules
- We will not tolerate rude, cruel and/or offensive behavior in our forum.We reserve the right to edit or delete any posts and to ban any members (in extreme cases) that we feel cast a negative light on this website.
-We welcome your participation; just please make sure it's in the proper area of the forum. Please utilize the different forums. Designers and marketing leads need to seek permission to start topics in the new release, sneak peek, and sales forums. Please private message Shellbyj for approval.
-enabling threads will be set up daily.
-Be respectful and courteous to others, do not start or participate in any drama.
-Forum signatures are to be no larger than 200px in height and 600px in width. No advertising in signatures, but shop links are allowed.
-This Forum is moderated daily and will delete any post deemed as spam or not following the guidelines of the forum.


-Please keep everything PG-13. No Crude or offensive language, no nudity or sexual content.

Shellby's Digiscrap Corner is open to all to upload their completed layouts and we do allow direct linking (text only) to products in your credits. Product previews are not allowed to be uploaded as either the image or description and will be removed without warning.

Any unsolicited advertising or offensive material posted anywhere on this site will be removed without warning.

Shellby's Digiscrap Corner will not be held liable for the content of posts, layouts and/or comments by members here, including but not limited to any posts by its owners, administration and/or sponsors. While backups are completed on a regular basis, Shellby's Digiscrap Corner will not be held liable should there be any unforeseen loss of data due to server malfunctions or malicious behavior.

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LanaBeber Jul 3 '15
Thanks and read.
LanaBeber Mar 9 '16
Can you please help? For the past week any time I try to upload a photo to my gallery, it errors. The size is correct as well as the MB's. I get a red error bar and then it just cycles. I try reupping it and get the same. Thanks! Lana.
Kythe Mar 18 '16
Same here. 2 uploaded and the 3rd I get an error.
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