New Releases around Digiland

This week is filled with new releases and some decent sales. Over at Go Digital Scrapbooking, its Mixology time!

In Review: January Templates by LissyKay Designs  Missing Spring Templates by LissyKay Designs

Jan Mixology: Starting Fresh 12x12 Templates

You can find a ton of other products in the mixology for only 1.20$ for a limited time.

If you are a template Junkie like I am, check out some of the awesome templates that were released this week:

January 2015 Template Bundle

Tri-Umphant by Cornelia Designs

All the Right Curves Templates


State of Mind: Rocky Mountains

Shape Up: Round & Round 3

Day 2 Day: January Templates

Razzle Dazzle - 12x12 Templates (CU Ok)

Shape Fun: Hexagon Template

Paper Play #04 | Templates

Check out these awesome kits:

9 Moons

Garden Party Bundle

Be Mine Valentine by Clever Monkey Graphics

Razzle Dazzle - Kit

Hello There! - Fusion Bundle plus FWP

Sweet Love by JB Studio

Penguin Playground Discount Bundle

Love You Always

Distressed - Bundle plus FWP

Pizza Pizza

Purple Heaven {Bundle}



Blind Lift Challenge

One of our Members AnikA has posted a challenge! Looks like a lot of fun!

Blind Lift Challenge:
I´m very curious how everybody interpret the following instructions.
So here is the challenge:
I picked a page from the galery which you should lift.  But I won´t show you the page, but will give you the instruction where to place the elements, which elements and so on.
With my instructions please create your page. It could me more fun because of my english. Please create as you understand the instructions. There is no wrong or right.
At the end I will show the layout which I picked.

Ready ?
This challenge runs until the end of January .
1. Use a paper as background. The paper has lots of hearts on the right side and a flower on the left site on the top.
2. Use one photo
3. place this photo centrally in the upper half of the layout
4. place 5 paper stripes / paper squares and 2 round papers
under this photo.
5. place under all this a paper stripe vertical on the whole      page whide as the photo.
6. On the top of the photo at the bottom is a heart and a flower in the left corner and a wordart in the right corner. There is an arrow which shows from the heart to the wordart.  And on the top in the right corner are 4 small vertical hearts.
7. on the top of the vertical paper stripeslightly offset to the right are 8 flowers (or other elements if you want) and a bee and on the bottom slightly offset to the left of the vertical paper stripe are also 8 flowers and a mouse.
8. At the bottom on the top of the vertical paper stripe but under the flowers is a tiny paper stripe, same whide as the vertical paper stripe.

I think this is all. I´m really curious what you will create now.
As I mentioned there is no wrong or right, just having fun.

GSO January 22nd 2014

Happy Thursday! I hope everyone has had a great week! There have been so many awesome layouts in the gallery, I had to show off a few of them!

I love this layout by Ann. I love the photo blend and the gorgeous cluster on the left corner!

I love the photo mask and amazing side cluster Anita used on this layout!

I am a huge cat person and this layout by AnnePC. I love the paper and the photo blending. I love the full page photo of this stunning cat.

This layout by Carola is touching. I love the letter to her mother, the blended photo and the cluster!

I love the mixing of word art and journaling on this page from JustTrace. I also love the large photo and the distressing she added.


Create Your Own Photomask Challenge! Free Photomasks!

This challenge is a two parter as well! First I challenge you to create your own photo mask! If you would like to view a tutorial about how to make one, Wendy Tunison has a really good one you can view here:

1. Create a photomask and place it in a zip file to share with the challenge participants.
2. Use the photomask you created in a layout.

Please private message me your photomasks. Every participant will receive ALL photo masks submitted at the end of the challenge.
This is a great way to experiment with creating your own and the more people you get to participate the more photo masks you can add to your stash!
To start you off, I have two photo masks I have designed you can pick up here:

REMEMBER YOU MUST SHARE YOUR PHOTO MASK IN ORDER TO RECEIVE THE OTHER SUBMISSIONS! Please do not include the link to your photomask in your post, please private message it to me.

GSOs January 14th, 2015

There have been so many great pages posted to the gallery! These are only a few. Everyone is so talented and I thank everyone for sharing their work!

I love the white space and the painted feel of this great layout by ScrapbyYvonne.


I love the colors of this great layout by victoriansoup. I love the clusters and the painted circles too!

Rae Brown‘s awesome layout with the pops of pink with the masked photo is stunning and I am partial to the name =).

chigirl made this wonderful layout. I love the pops of yellow and blue with a touch of glitter! I love the paper layers and the clusters too!

I love this layout by Trace Clements. I love how she scrapped the books she loved to read and made it look like a book shelf!


I love the bright colors of this layout by Julie. I love the text path frame and the wonderful clustering around the photo. The clusters on the page borders are an excellent finishing touch!

Please keep posting such amazing layouts and you might see yours spotlighted too!


Site Feature: Photo Journals

How to use the Photo Journals Feature

Anyone registered can post a photo journal. If there is a page you absolutely love, post it here along with your inspiration, why you chose the kit, what the photo meant, if you tried new techniques, etc. You can post inspiration for others, or ask for advice if you are stuck.
If you have a tutorial you have written, please share it here! If you have participated in a photo a day, showcase your layout, show the list you followed if you did.

you are welcome to put a link in to the kit you chose, but remember this is more for inspiration and showcasing your talents.

Today has been dreary day. It’s cold and rainy so the only option was to stay in doors. Lack of sleep the night before did not add anything to my mood. I need sunshine, hence why I am so eager to get back to Florida. So I scrapped about my desire to get back home to the state I love. I have done two layouts recently about my desire to be back home. I can only share one right now as one I scrapped with an awesome template pack coming out Friday.

My Inspiration for this page mainly came from the word art. I searched for a png of the state of Florida and then clipped a paper to it. I then used an element to pin point my home on the map. I also used an edge treatment on the page to give it more of a grungy feel. I used Created by Jill’s This is Where I Belong and Mismatched Edges 1.
Scrapping about my home made me feel better. Scrap Therapy and a glass of wine are great ways to deal with life =)

Mysterious Stranger’s 1st Challenge!!!!

The Mysterious Stranger has posted the first Challenge!!!!

This is a two part challenge. Part one challenges you to make a banner for the Digiscrap Corner. The second part is to make a coordinating layout. The theme is what Digiscrapping means to you!  For full rules please see the post in the forum. The winning banner will be showcased until the next banner challenge!

You can use a combination of fonts or alpha’s to create it! Just make sure to credit the kits you used! This challenge will run until the 16th!

Here is what 1350×250 (dimensions of the banner) looks like


The Mysterious Stranger and I can’t wait to see your submissions!

GSO January 8th

There have been some amazing layouts posted in the past couple days! Everyone is so talented! I can’t wait to see more awesomeness! They are truly inspiring! I have another 5 layouts to showcase from some awesome scrappers!               I love the banners and the stitching of Anita’s Layout!             I love the paper and photo blending of Maria’s creation!                I Love the paper layers and beautiful cluster on the frame of Melissa’s Layout! I also love the selective coloring of the picture!        Anika’s creation is just stunning! I love the extraction and all the brushes!              I love the fun photo in Melly’s layout and the circular text!

There are so many more awesome layouts in our gallery! Please share some of your awesome layouts today! Maybe your layout will end up in our GSO list! Thank you to everyone who has showed off their awesome scrapping talents! I can’t wait to see more of your creations!


Gallery Stand Outs! January 4th, 2014

Have you uploaded layouts to the gallery? Have you seen any worth recognition? There’s spots in the forum to recognize a fabulous layout and there will be bi-weekly GSO blog posts! There are some great layouts already in the gallery.

Here are a few awesome ones!

Robin’s layout features awesome masking and a beautiful cluster! The Picture is so precious too!

I love the colors of Jodi’s layout! The photo treatment is stunning!

   I love the blended photo in the background of Mellie’s layout.

     The colors Dagi used are awesome. I love the clustering around the journal card and use of the speech tag.

Each page is linked! Please leave some love for these awesome layouts! Be sure to load your layouts into the gallery (It’s open linking!) and you could have your layout showcased!