Blind Lift Challenge

One of our Members AnikA has posted a challenge! Looks like a lot of fun!

Blind Lift Challenge:
I´m very curious how everybody interpret the following instructions.
So here is the challenge:
I picked a page from the galery which you should lift.  But I won´t show you the page, but will give you the instruction where to place the elements, which elements and so on.
With my instructions please create your page. It could me more fun because of my english. Please create as you understand the instructions. There is no wrong or right.
At the end I will show the layout which I picked.

Ready ?
This challenge runs until the end of January .
1. Use a paper as background. The paper has lots of hearts on the right side and a flower on the left site on the top.
2. Use one photo
3. place this photo centrally in the upper half of the layout
4. place 5 paper stripes / paper squares and 2 round papers
under this photo.
5. place under all this a paper stripe vertical on the whole      page whide as the photo.
6. On the top of the photo at the bottom is a heart and a flower in the left corner and a wordart in the right corner. There is an arrow which shows from the heart to the wordart.  And on the top in the right corner are 4 small vertical hearts.
7. on the top of the vertical paper stripeslightly offset to the right are 8 flowers (or other elements if you want) and a bee and on the bottom slightly offset to the left of the vertical paper stripe are also 8 flowers and a mouse.
8. At the bottom on the top of the vertical paper stripe but under the flowers is a tiny paper stripe, same whide as the vertical paper stripe.

I think this is all. I´m really curious what you will create now.
As I mentioned there is no wrong or right, just having fun.

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