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Welcome to Shellby’s Digiscrap Corner’s St Valentine’s Challenge!

Have all entries in by 5PM EST on Feb 8th.

Love it or hate it, Valentines day is approaching. February’s theme is all about showcasing how you feel about the dreaded couple’s holiday. If you love v-day, show your love. If you loath it, go all out goth.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is that you will create a layout and a matching banner which will be used at the top of the site. Top submissions will be cycled out until until the next banner challenge.

This month’s challenge theme is: Valentines Day – Create a banner and layout which illustrate what v-day means to you. Additionally, you are welcome to journal about the theme and your entry.

Here are the rules for the banner:

1) The Banner is an image that is 1350×250 pixels in dimension. The bottom 68 pixels are covered by the semi-transparent link bar.

2) The Banner is color coordinated with the rest of the website and theme. Banners that don’t go well won’t be selected, but you don’t have to limit yourself to shades of purple. (Think color design)

3) The banner incorporates scrapbooking elements and fonts that are also used in your theme layout.

4) The banner and theme must somehow reflect the theme of this challenge.

5) The full title of the site is Shellby’s Digiscrap Corner: A Community for Digital Scrapbooking, but you can shorten the title as you deem aesthetically appealing. For example, you could have just the words “Digiscrap Corner” and no other text. Entries that misspell “Shellby” will be disqualified.

6) Post entry in the gallery with the tag #vdaychallenge

7) Credit: Please credit the kit you are using. When selecting graphics and elements for your entries, please do not include elements that are trademarked, patented, copyrighted, or not appropriate for use in a website banner.

For the layout:

1) Layout must be 600×600 pixels posted in the gallery with tag #vdaychallenge

2) Your layout must be unique. It must be made for this challenge.

3) Make sure the Layout coordinates with the banner.

4) Credit: Please credit the kit you are using.


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